Via edit distances and equivalence

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Dynamic Time Warping (DTW), despite its sci-fi name, is nothing more than a (particularly useful) technique to measure the distance between two time series, x=(x1,...,xn)and y=(y1,...,ym).

  • ‘Dynamic’ because the algorithm involves dynamic programming
  • ‘Time’ because it is for time series
  • ‘Warping’ because it can be interpreted as calculating the ‘usual’…

Patterns found by analysing ranking data from Wikipedia

Ramy Ashour, the greatest player of the past 20 years

A fun part of any sport is comparing the top players and trying to determine who really was the best of the best. As a fan of squash, I thought I would do this for squash. As a data scientist, I tried…

This is the 3rd lecture of the year, which was followed by an hour’s gap and then a workshop.

The lecture was about subtraction. Many students, but not all of them, were going through lecture questions quite quickly, and then doing workshop questions too.

One noteworthy thing was showing how…

Some thoughts on how teaching went. But first a summary of how lecture is organised.

Summary of how I organise lectures

  • Printed notes are provided with gaps throughout.
  • I use a “document camera” or “visualiser”, not a slideshow.
  • Lectures always start with warm-up questions.
  • Throughout the lecture I pose questions to the students and give them…

Lovkush Agarwal

Maths lecturer turned Data Scientist.

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